Fri & Sat, March 8-9, 2019
Durham, North Carolina

2M2E 2019

Mercy Ministries Equipping Event

About the Conference

March 8-9, 2019
6:30 - 8:30pm
8:30am - 4:30pm

Mercy ministries are those ministries oriented towards meeting the basic human needs of people – food, water, shelter, health, etc. They are an outflow of the compassion of Christ and his Spirit living in us and can be effective at not only providing practical help but engaging the unreached of the world.


But what are some of the strategies that work? More importantly, what are some pitfalls in utilizing mercy-oriented projects in our missions efforts?


If you or your church are going on mission trips and doing acts of mercy – medical/health care, disaster response, community development – this equipping event is for you. Come learn from practitioners in each of these areas and be willing to share your experiences as well. You can expect to hear inspiring testimonies from practitioners, learn practical steps to implement mercy ministries in a cross-cultural context, and even discover some potential connections for overseas service opportunities.

Conference Tracks

Come hear inspiring testimonies from practitioners, learn practical steps to implement mercy ministries cross-culturally, and discover connections for overseas partnerships.

This training track will teach a basic community development process in a participatory setting. We'll answer questions such as, "how do we work with target communities to address their needs and not create dependency? How can we ensure that our efforts to help people truly helps and gets us to the goal of sharing our faith?" Group activities combined with lecture time will allow participants to learn new tools to be used in order to engage communities in need, discover sustainable solutions together, and keep everything focused on both the temporal and eternal needs of people.

Basic Training Modules:

  • Introduction to Community

  • Community: Entry to Exit

  • Community Development Tools

  • Coming Up with a Project and Implementing

  • Keeping it Focused: Integration of CD and Gospel Engagement

This training track is for healthcare professionals and students, pastors and church leaders, and anyone interested in healthcare missions. You will learn what is happening in healthcare missions, ways to be strategically involved overseas, be better equipped for work locally and how to get connected.

Basic Training Modules:

  • The IMB and its Commitment to Healthcare Missions

  • An overview of Healthcare Missions today

  • Church planting and healthcare

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • How to witness cross culturally

  • Being a strategic volunteer

  • Nuts and Bolts of Preparing for a Mission Trip

  • Help that Hurts

  • Getting connected for short-term and long-term service

This training track will provide a body of information that will help responders and volunteers better prepare to help those in need after disasters have struck. The training is designed to utilize classroom instruction and participatory, small group activities and will be led by an experienced disaster responder/trainer. The objective of the training is to produce trained responders who can effectively and efficiently assist a community of disaster survivors and then possibly help that community get on the road to rehabilitation and reduce future vulnerability.

Basic Training Modules:

  • Biblical Basis for Disaster Response

  • Disaster Response Basics

  • Disaster Response Personal and Team Preparation

  • Disaster Needs Assessment

  • Disaster Response Team Structure

  • What to do in a Disaster Response

  • Distributions

  • Shelter and NFI

  • Media Management

  • Initial Trauma Management




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Event Costs: 

$15 - Students (College or under)

$50 - Graduates and Non-Students


Event cost covers lunch on Saturday, as well as materials and resources given during the conference.


2M2E 2019

Mercy Ministries Equipping Event

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